Monday, July 7, 2008

You're doing it all wrong...

I had a fair idea that I wasn't getting the whole "online business/MLM" concept down... I wasn't yet making a 6 figure income by doing what I was told...

But who really enjoys being told that you are doing it all wrong?!

When I started reading the Magnetic Sponsoring book, I couldn't believe how stupid I had been. The stuff seemed so obvious that anyone with a half of a brain would be already building their business this way-right?

Well, no! Apparently, once upon a time someone started an MLM business and said "This is the way to do it", and we have been doing it that way ever since.... Was it the correct way to build a business once? Maybe, I do not know...

But times have changed! And the way we are taught to build "the business" today is the reason that 99% of Network Marketers FAIL.

Have you been out there trying to sell your business to friends, family and your "top 100" list? Do you wonder why the response hasn't been as excited as you might be with the opportunity?

Consider this situation from the perspective of the people you are contacting. They are busy people ( aren't we all in today's society). They have full lives and lots of bills.

- Do these people lie awake at night dreaming of being Network Marketers?
- Do these people care about how great your business opportunity is?
- Do these people care about your amazing compensation plan?
- Do these people care about the great position they could be joining on your downline?

No, no, no, and no.

We are out there trying to sell businesses to busy people who need more work like an extra hole in the head. But wait you say, we are selling them a way to get more free time and loads of money. And that is the mistake! We shouldn't be SELLING them our opportunity. Every day we are bombarded with sales pitches.

Have you heard the saying "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care"?

"People do not join a business, they join YOU"- Mike Dillard

Of all the things I learned in Magnetic Sponsoring, this would be the one that impacted my business and life the most. I have been on a journey of discovery since reading Magnetic Sponsoring. It has taken me months to fully appreciate the point Mike was driving at with that statement.

When you present your MLM opportunity the thing people are going to react to first is NOT your business, NOT your compensation plan, NOT the position on your downline, NOT even your amazing product. The first reaction is going to be toward YOU.

Why should they listen to you? Why should they believe you? Who are you to be telling them what they need?

If your prospects don't like you, no matter your business they won't join. If your prospects don't trust you they won't join you. If your prospects don't believe in you they won't join.

How do you become a MAGNET that people will want to join?

Firstly, you must become an "above the line" thinker. "Above the line" people accept responsibility. They look for a positive and the opportunities in any situation. "Below the line" people live in a world of denial and blame. Their circumstances are always someone else's fault. Do NOT be a "below the line" thinker.

Secondly, you must be a person of value. You should have something to offer people, and I don't mean --- a business opportunity. Are you an expert in your field? Have you made a success of your life? If you have expertise and experience that people want, they will come to you. Simple? You bet! Magnetic Sponsoring is not rocket science.

What if you are not an expert? What if you have no great wealth of knowledge and experience that people are knocking on your door to try and get a hold of? Then you should be educating yourself. Mike shows us how he spent $6,410 in one month on educational material. But you don't have that kind of money right? Then how much more do you need to be investing in your education!

This last year I personally spent over $4,000 on my education. Did I have that much to spare? No, I didn't.

However, I have made back 3 to 4 times back that as a direct result from what I learned. Will I be spending another $4,000 next year? No. I plan to spend upwards of $10,000- $20,000. Can I afford it? No ( Whoever came up with the credit card needs a medal) But once again, I expect the return on the investment in myself to be exponential.

Mike Dillard gives you a lot more examples of how to be a valuable and highly successful marketer in his book Magnetic Sponsoring, and if you haven't read it yet, I strongly recommend you begin your educational journey here.

Wishing you a prosperous life,

Christopher Aaron Hughes

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