Tuesday, April 22, 2008

$300 dollars = business

Build your home business for LESS than $500

Get started today.

You can get started with me if you would like, For under $300 you get $500 worth of products, a website, and all the tools to start building a business.

Can't really beat that when competitor's are charging anywhere from $500-$5,000 to start-up a company.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Networking Tips - Blueprint For A Winning Business

I know a lot of those MAKE MONEY ONLINE blah blah blah ads all have the same thing to tell you.

Most of them tell you "No selling, No prospecting, No work for you" and "Anyone can do this". Now tell me the truth, do you believe there isn't anything like that online that legitimately will make you money?

Don't kid yourself.

If they really didn't need someone to do the work, why would they want you when they could easily just do *nothing* themselves and make even more profits.

Hmm... it got me thinking.

Not too many people really understand how to make money online. They get e-mails everyday telling them to "JOIN THIS STARTUP, make millions and live the good life", "Quickest way to a million dollars", blah blah we have all heard it before.

That is why it is so frustrating for most network marketers to get through to your customer's now, they are constantly bombarded with offers.

When I first started out as a Network Marketer, I thought all I had to do was send out some e-mails and I'd be making millions....

and then I woke up and realized I had less money in my bank account than when I started and I was doing what most e-books tell you to do.

Mass marketing, handing out flyers, pushing the business opportunity in people's faces and all the other mumbo jumbo that Network Marketing had previously been thought of being, I tried it all.

After a frustrating 4 months, I finally figured out why I wasn't making money.

The reason wasn't anything too dramatic. Kind of just a slap to my hand and a re-direction.

I learned the secret to my first profits in Network Marketing and I learned it from one of the most unlikely sources, my friend who had NEVER read anything about making money online and making millions in MLM or Network Marketing.

His secret was to.....


He had been selling a Cleaning product that I had used and loved, but wasn't directing focus directly on this.

The product could be purchased by us for around $10.15 each bottle and we could re-sell these at $15 because of how well they clean.

Now, $4.85 isn't a lot of profit when you think about it.

But then it hit me.

If I could sell 10 of these small profit items, I would have a profit of $48.50, thats $50!!!

So I sold 10 bottles and made $50 to put back into my business.

BAM! I was in the profits and started making some money :-D Not sure about you guys, but I know when I first started making money through this job it all sort of....."clicked"...

Now, If I am feeling bad about not making money for a day, I make a sale of this bottle and make myself about $5-$6 each bottle since pricing drops as you get promotions. There I go, I at least got a sale today and made myself some money.

10 bottles later now and that's $50-$60 depending on how much I decide to sell them for ;-p

By keeping in touch with the people who use this cleaning product, asking how they have been, how the product works, etc, I have gotten more order's from those interested in other products and have found myself some new distributor's as well as some Business Builders.

Also, more member's have joined. Member's are the second next target( I'll get to this in another post). Member's are your residual income stream, the one's who MAKE you your money. They join for $19.95 and make order's of anywhere from $25-$300 a month. You can see where the money comes from with them :-) Commissions, Reaching new level's of commission percents, New business level bonuses.

No more relying just on the Business Builders, that's no way to build a business for an un-educated, new to the game marketer. I had to learn to make some profits before I could build the business the right way.

Treat the business as a real business and you WILL begin to reap the rewards of loyalty to you, loyalty to your brand and loyalty to the product.

Have a great

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The POWERLINE strategy of business

Have you ever heard of Network Marketing?

Do you know that a lot of people have made millions in this area and will continue to?

Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump both stated that if they were to lose their fortunes, the way they would make it back would be with network marketing.

Are you interested in learning about how easy it is, and you will be able to see yourself making the income you deserve.

Have you heard these terms before?

  • Streamlining

  • Stacking

  • Straight Line

  • Power Line

Whatever you call it … it boils down to the same thing.

This post is designed to dispel the myths about streamlining or stacking your business and explain how our PowerLine system really works.

Oh yes, did I forget to mention, it DOES work!

What we are talking about is attracting individuals to your business and showing them a way that they will get their first cheque right away and create momentum in their business for continued growth.

The fundamentals of our SykaroTeam PowerLine Strategy are based on strategies taught by Shaklee Masters to create strong roots and a good foundation for a solid long term business.

We believe that our SykaroTeam PowerLine Strategy will help in the development of many new directors over the next few months. It will also create a lot of new members who qualify for the next incentive trip ~ including YOU, if you decide to join us today.

Step 1. You join Shaklee as a Gold Ambassador. Setup a minimum 100PV monthly auto-ship.

If you aren’t taking Vitalizer, it’s the first thing to put on the list. Shaklee supplements work and our landmark study proves it. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of healthy Shaklee members, Don and I included :-) We recommend you setup the Vitalizer Wellness Pak, on auto-ship, you save 10% (100PV). The process only works if you commit to 100PV each and every month.

Step 2. You connect with a SykaroTeam member(me) to get setup to begin sponsoring your first Gold Ambassador.

Our team will work with you to help you set your goals, develop and practice your script and get you ready to make those calls. We’ll also share strategies for marketing your EarthFriendlyBiz website to generate leads.

Step 3. Invite prospects to our live calls

We will offer live calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These calls will be run by leaders in our group and will involve a 5 to 10 minute script (everyone will hear the same message this way) then time for questions and answers.

Our goal is to show your prospect how our SykaroTeam PowerLine Strategy works.

To listen to what some successful Entrepreneur's in my industry have to say about this please visit my site at....

The SykaroTeam PowerLine Strategy

I’m going to keep this simple because, well that's just what I do :-) . For simplicity sake, we will call new members, GOLD1 and GOLD2 and GOLD3, etc.

  1. You join Shaklee as a Gold Ambassador and sponsor your first Gold Ambassador. GOLD1 is on your first line.

  2. Working with your SykaroTeam leaders, you will help GOLD1 to sponsor GOLD2. GOLD2 is now on your second line and on GOLD1’s first line.

  3. Working with your SykaroTeam leaders, you will now help GOLD1 learn how to teach GOLD2 to sponsor GOLD3. GOLD3 is on your third line.

  4. Working with your SykaroTeam leaders, you will now work with GOLD1 to help GOLD2 learn to teach GOLD3 to sponsor GOLD4.

  5. Working with your SykaroTeam leaders, you will now sponsor GOLD5 personally and start a new PowerLine in your Shaklee organization.

Powerline 1 Powerline 2

GOLD 1-1 GOLD 2-1
GOLD 1-2
GOLD 1-3
GOLD 1-4

At this point, you earned $100 (sponsoring GOLD 1 and GOLD 5)in GAP Bonuses and have two PowerLines building. You already have three members who will be receiving a cheque and you have just started.

GOLD 1 has earned $50 (sponsoring GOLD 2)
GOLD 2 has earned $50 (sponsoring GOLD 3)
GOLD 3 has earned $50 (sponsoring GOLD 4)

GOLD 1 will continue the process and help GOLD 4 sponsor their first GOLD 4A in your Initial PowerLine.

Powerline 1 Powerline 2 Powerline 3

GOLD 1-1 GOLD 2-1 GOLD 3-1
GOLD 1-2 GOLD 2-2 GOLD 3-2
GOLD 1-3 GOLD 2-3
GOLD 1-4 GOLD 2-4
GOLD 1-5
GOLD 1-6

Confused? Our goal is to work with you to make this SO easy to understand.

Where will I find leads?

Our SykaroTeam will supply 100 Business Opportunity leads for you to practice your script. The script is very simple and creating a lot of activity. With our new SykaroTeam PowerLine Strategy we will see even more activity.

We will also supply you with good lead sources of reputable, affordable companies.

We will be running an advertising Co-Op for the EarthFriendlyBiz system. Our goal is to have all prospects attend one of our live calls or go through the GoShaklee system to learn about Shaklee. We will have recordings of the live calls available so that your prospect does not have to wait.

The SykaroTeam PowerLine Strategy will develop leaders and create phenomenal growth. With this strategy, no one gets left behind.

Where else can you get an entire business for just $299.00 with

  • No inventory

  • No Deliveries

  • No Collections

  • No Customer Risk

  • No Employees

  • No Employers

  • No Experience needed

Say yes today and let’s get your SykaroTeam PowerLine started !

Lock in your position RIGHT NOW - https://www.shaklee.net/chrishughes/application?Kit=gold_en&remember=.

By Locking in RIGHT NOW as a Gold Ambassador, you will 'Leapfrog' ahead of everyone else joining. That means the next person coming in could be in your PowerLine!

Follow the link below to learn more about Shaklee, our products and why Shaklee is one of the fastest growing companies in the Industry. You will also be entered into our draw to win over $200 in Shaklee Gold Premiere Collection products.

www.goshaklee.info and use ZS05490 to login. Good luck!