Friday, May 23, 2008

Tired Of The Old School Network Marketing Techniques?

Are you tired of the old school network marketing techniques? You know the 3 foot rule, hanging flyers, bugging your family and friends, and holding hotel meetings.

I know that when I first joined my first network marketing company, I was told to use these same techniques. I was told to make a list of 100 people that I knew and basically call every one of them to ask and see if they would be interested in making some extra money.

I was only faced with questions I wasn't able to answer, getting hung up on, and faced with nothing but rejection.

When I was officially shunned by everyone that I knew, all my upline told me to do was to go out and buy some opportunity leads.

This only led me to some more rejection and spending a bunch of money.

Now I was out of money, and had nothing to show for it.

Then just as I was going to give up, I found what I consider to be the "life saver" for my business.

This life saver I speak of was Mike Dillard's 7 Day Free Video Boot Camp.

In these 7 free videos Mike explained how I could attract an endless stream of prospects to me ready to join and actually get paid to prospect.

These videos have really changed the way I do my business, and I think they can help you too.

You can get free instant access to these free videos here...
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Chris Hughes

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How To Get Highly Targeted Leads To Pay You.

Do you have a problem with getting targeted leads for your network marketing company?

There is a way to attract these type of leads to you....

and I have it available on video for a limited time.


You must visit the link before the end of the month, if you don't, you will miss out on a valuable newsletter that I will be putting out at the months end ONLY to the first 10,000 sign-ups. Get signed-up quick before its too late.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How Important Is A System?

A Quick tip on Network Marketing and duplication...

If you don’t have duplication on your team, you might as well go get a job selling something else for commissions!


not continuing to make sales to get a paycheck... if you wanted that, you would not have started reading about Network Marketing.

The only TRUE way to get yourself out of a job is if you have TRUE Duplication happening in your Team...

Say you have an organization that grows to 20-30 people, maybe even 50 people.... then all of a sudden its back down to 10-20 people...that’s when you know that you aren’t doing something right.

Even if you’ve only had an organization of 1-3 people and the most you had was 5-10, a SYSTEM will help you.

So, you start to RE-BUILD again.... getting your organization up to 65 people this time!! Woohoo you are on a roll. Kicking ass and taking names. Then, guess what happens again....

You’re back down to 10-20 people.

What is really happening with your organization is something that you don’t see immediately...

If this is happening to you, YOUR ORGANIZATION IS DEPENDENT ON YOU....

That’s not good, you don’t want a job I assume, or do you like having your dream trips interrupted by downline questions?

Kind of defeats the purpose of becoming a Network Marketer if you keep working to Build your Network and never get to relax and enjoy it......

but we all know that this is VERY tiring and time consuming.

2 Steps to Success In Network Marketing

Are you ready? I know it seems like there should be more....

but, there is only 2... Here they are

Step 1) Find a System that works...

Step 2) Automate that System...

Network Marketing really is THAT easy.

This way, your team can duplicate what you do without you being a part of it! Guess what, you just freed up some time. Now you can take the time to watch that movie you’ve been waiting to get to, or take that much needed Vacation ;-)

Once it’s automated, incorporate some tools that automate and replicate what you’ve created.....this allows others to do the same.

When that is all setup, you have free time and,

YOU are succeeding!! HOORAH!

not just a 2-3 level deep business, but one with 15,20,50 levels deep! Can you see yourself being there? Finally achieving those goals you set after watching or reading “The Secret” and having them sit there wondering how that much money would “manifest” , a SYSTEM can help you with manifesting...

You’ll even be able to teach someone who is BRAND NEW with Network Marketing to succeed by having complete automation of a system...

Ever wonder how McDonald’s can succeed with High School drop-outs running everything? It’s called a SYSTEM and Ray Kroc has SYSTEMS down better than anyone else in the Fast-Food business.

Now, I don’t have anything against High School drop-outs, but IF they can succeed in using a system, why can’t you?

Who says a College Student or even a College GRAD can’t be successful in Network Marketing?

Well, that’s where a SYSTEM comes into play. You CAN be successful and WILL be if you choose the right System.

When you use tools, you can be literally ANYWHERE on the Earth and run your business!

That is why Automation is the best thing for Network Marketing.....

Are you beginning to see the benefits of a system and of Automation?

If you can automate what works, then a system can’t be beat.

And we all know that Network Marketing can’t be beat for the lifestyle it creates..

Yours in Wealth,
Chris Hughes

College Internet Marketing Mastermind

Friday, May 2, 2008

FREE Traffic To Your Website...

Hey everyone, Welcome back to my blog.

Just a little thing that may help your website draw more attention and get more views each day/week/month, whatever it is you may be looking for.

My friend Benji Hulme has recommended it to me.

If you can get 10 visitors to the site, you can get a lot of viewers to spend 15 seconds guaranteed on your website.

Here is the site

Check the site out, if you like it, try it out. If you don't, no harm and you may just miss out on some free traffic :-)

-Christopher Aaron Hughes
College Internet Marketing Mastermind

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Are You Getting Paid For Networking Yet?

My facebook network has been growing unbelievably over the past 3days! It’s been quite the experience to say the least. But what do you think would happen if facebook would split the money with me that I’ve generated for them as ad revenue for people using their site?

Unfortunately, facebook doesn’t do that. But I found a site that does. It’s called it’s a site similar to facebook, that pays 80% of it’s social networking revenue to it’s members. It sounds like a phenomenal concept. Plus it goes 10 levels deep, so as people you recruit, recruit others you can make a lot of money.

Since this concept is new, it is yet to be determined whether or not zenzuu will be the next major social networking site, but I’ve demonstrated that a network can grow extremely fast in a very short amount of time. Especially one that offer incentives to people just to connect with eachother by splitting the ad revenue.

I just signed up for zenzuu myself. You can check it out by clicking here:

That’s right, if zenzuu actually makes the kind of money they say that people can make – I’ll probably make $10,000 from writing this blog post and telling my FB network about it just as Brian Campbell will! By the way, trying to make money from you by referring you to zenzuu is not how I’m making my money this month.

I'd simply like to share something new and let you know about a potentially lucrative new thing. Zenzuu requires that you log into your account a minimum of 30 times in a calendar month to get your share of the ad revenue. So if you sign up for zenzuu, you’ll need to at least log in 30 times a month to see how much you earn. But who doesn't check their facebook at least 30 times a month anyway?

I’ll be logging into zenzuu myself every day during May to learn more and see how much money can be made. I suggest you do the same. As you continue to grow your social network on facebook, you can also promote zenzuu and see if it makes you some money.

I’ll be reporting how much money I make on zenzuu when I get some results. Hopefully I’ll see some accumulated earnings in my zenzuu account so I can share the information with my network so we can all have an easy way to supplement the income.

Check zenzuu out and post a comment in response to this blog post and let me know how it’s working for you.

See ya,

Chris Hughes