Friday, April 11, 2008

Networking Tips - Blueprint For A Winning Business

I know a lot of those MAKE MONEY ONLINE blah blah blah ads all have the same thing to tell you.

Most of them tell you "No selling, No prospecting, No work for you" and "Anyone can do this". Now tell me the truth, do you believe there isn't anything like that online that legitimately will make you money?

Don't kid yourself.

If they really didn't need someone to do the work, why would they want you when they could easily just do *nothing* themselves and make even more profits.

Hmm... it got me thinking.

Not too many people really understand how to make money online. They get e-mails everyday telling them to "JOIN THIS STARTUP, make millions and live the good life", "Quickest way to a million dollars", blah blah we have all heard it before.

That is why it is so frustrating for most network marketers to get through to your customer's now, they are constantly bombarded with offers.

When I first started out as a Network Marketer, I thought all I had to do was send out some e-mails and I'd be making millions....

and then I woke up and realized I had less money in my bank account than when I started and I was doing what most e-books tell you to do.

Mass marketing, handing out flyers, pushing the business opportunity in people's faces and all the other mumbo jumbo that Network Marketing had previously been thought of being, I tried it all.

After a frustrating 4 months, I finally figured out why I wasn't making money.

The reason wasn't anything too dramatic. Kind of just a slap to my hand and a re-direction.

I learned the secret to my first profits in Network Marketing and I learned it from one of the most unlikely sources, my friend who had NEVER read anything about making money online and making millions in MLM or Network Marketing.

His secret was to.....


He had been selling a Cleaning product that I had used and loved, but wasn't directing focus directly on this.

The product could be purchased by us for around $10.15 each bottle and we could re-sell these at $15 because of how well they clean.

Now, $4.85 isn't a lot of profit when you think about it.

But then it hit me.

If I could sell 10 of these small profit items, I would have a profit of $48.50, thats $50!!!

So I sold 10 bottles and made $50 to put back into my business.

BAM! I was in the profits and started making some money :-D Not sure about you guys, but I know when I first started making money through this job it all sort of....."clicked"...

Now, If I am feeling bad about not making money for a day, I make a sale of this bottle and make myself about $5-$6 each bottle since pricing drops as you get promotions. There I go, I at least got a sale today and made myself some money.

10 bottles later now and that's $50-$60 depending on how much I decide to sell them for ;-p

By keeping in touch with the people who use this cleaning product, asking how they have been, how the product works, etc, I have gotten more order's from those interested in other products and have found myself some new distributor's as well as some Business Builders.

Also, more member's have joined. Member's are the second next target( I'll get to this in another post). Member's are your residual income stream, the one's who MAKE you your money. They join for $19.95 and make order's of anywhere from $25-$300 a month. You can see where the money comes from with them :-) Commissions, Reaching new level's of commission percents, New business level bonuses.

No more relying just on the Business Builders, that's no way to build a business for an un-educated, new to the game marketer. I had to learn to make some profits before I could build the business the right way.

Treat the business as a real business and you WILL begin to reap the rewards of loyalty to you, loyalty to your brand and loyalty to the product.

Have a great

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